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Welcome to Year Six

Welcome to Year 6! The final year of primary school is very special. The children take on more responsibilities in school. Throughout the year, children will be working hard to ensure that they achieve their full potential in the Key Stage 2 SATs and we will be here to help and support them every step of the way. But, it’s not all about tests in Year 6! We will be having lots of fun exploring topics such as World War 2 and finding out all about Brazil and Italy. We will be having lots of fun exploring new topics as well as revising previous learning.

If you have any questions at all, please just ask! 

There are 32 children in Year 6  overall. In my class, there are 16 children and there are also 16 children with Mrs Allport. Mrs Fletcher works between the two classes. On Monday and Friday afternoons, the whole year 6 class come together and are taught by Mrs Burgess. We have P.E on Monday and Thursday so please ensure that your child has their full PE kit on those days.

Home Reading

The children choose their home reading book and need to read for at least 15 minutes every evening. Children have a specific day in which they are to bring their reading book back. If your child is a confident reader, you do not need to hear them read aloud but it would be very beneficial if you talked to them about what they have read. E.g. What is the plot? Which is your favourite character? Why? What have you learnt that they didn’t know before?

Please can you ensure that you sign their reading book every night.

Group 1 – Wednesday: Tyler, Mia, Lewis W, Neida, Kielan and Wesley

Group 2 – Thursday: Jaxon, Colin, Sophie and Lewis B

Group 3 – Friday: Daisy, Jack, Eva, Beth, John and Matthew


Spelling homework will be given out every Friday for a spelling quiz the following Thursday. Children who get all spellings correct get to pick out of the prize box on a Friday afternoon. The amount of homework that your child receives will increase in Spring term but we would like them to concentrate on times tables, reading and spelling this term.

We have just launched a new program called ‘Times Tables Rock stars’ to encourage children to practice more. Children have their own usernames and passwords. To access this at home


Our Classroom

We are very lucky to have a beautiful classroom in the recently built extension. We have a fabulous teaching assistant, Mrs Fletcher, who creates some wonderful displays.

What we are learning about

The final year in primary school is a very busy one! We will be working very hard to make sure we achieve our full potential.

Please take a look at our Curriculum Map to view what we have been learning about across the curriculum this term.


During the Autumn Term, our main topic is World War Two. Each child was given a Page 1 Fact Sheet Page 2 Fact Sheet to learn about the subject.


Autumn 1

During the first half term in Autumn, we  read ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. We were using this fabulous story, set during WW2, as a stimulus for a range of reading, writing and topic activities.  We created some beautiful works of art and also some very effective writing such as, diary entries and letters.

In maths we are working very hard and revising all areas in preparation for our SATs.

In history we are learning about World War Two which is a great link with our Literacy work.

In one of our PE lessons the children were asked to sequence a gymnastics routine. The routine needed to include both rolls and balances. There were some great routines produced.

Autumn 2

In the second half of Autumn, we are going to read ‘Half a creature from the sea’ by David Almond. We were very lucky to attend the Big Read in October and meet the author himself and he even signed our books.


We will continue with our history topic and find out more about rationing and propaganda as well as the effect of the war on the rest of Europe.

School Parliament

The School Parliament have a very important role in school – to make sure everyone has a voice. We held an election day on the 5th October where everybody voted for who they wanted to be, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker. The votes were then counted over night,  those with the most votes were elected.

We were extremely lucky in our class as we have the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker.

Prime Minister


Deputy Prime Minister




These children meet regularly and discuss issues suggested by their peers. They are then responsible for taking action in school while also maintaining communication with everyone.

It’s a tough job but our school parliment do it brilliantly!


Meet our class pets

We are very lucky to have two Giant African Land Snails in our classroom. They are called Michelle and Sheldon. They are partial to a stick of cucumber and they adore egg shells. Children are allowed to hold Michelle and Sheldon regularly and it’s their responsibility to look after them. Will you be lucky enough to take them home over the holidays?

Safety Carousel

On Friday 10th December, we celebrated the 10th birthday of Byron Place. During the week leading up to the big day, we designed and made party hats. On the actual day, went over to Byron Place wearing our party hats. In the shopping centre we then played pass the parcel, a treasure hunt and we decorated cakes to celebrate. On returning to school we were all given a slice of birthday cake and a drink. The winners were then announced for the best party hat. We had a great afternoon and we wish Byron Place a Happy 10th Birthday!

World War Two visitor – Mrs Percy

We were extremely lucky to invite Mrs Percy into school. Mrs Percy was 6 1/2 years old when the war was announced. She told us lots of stories and the children could ask her questions. Mrs Percy brought into school, ration books, old photographs, old money and an identity card. We have a lovely afternoon and we learnt a lot.

Spring 1

During this first half term in Spring, we will be reading  ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. We will be using this tremendous mystery story, as a stimulus for a range of reading, writing and topic activities.

In maths we are working very hard and revising all areas in preparation for our SATs.

This half term, we will be focusing on: fractions, decimals and percentages; measurements (conversions); perimeter, area and volume; co-ordinates and angles.