Year 5

Meet Our Class

Group Photo

Welcome to our brilliant Year 5 class!

There are 28 children in the class working with Mr. Brown and Miss Burgess. Also helping out in class throughout the week will be Miss Ayre, Miss Dinsdale and Mrs. Fletcher.

We have PE on Mondays and Thursdays so can you please ensure all children have full PE kit on those days. In the Autumn term, we will be focussing on netball and tag rugby.

The children choose their home reading book once a week and know which day is their day to change it. If your child is a confident reader, you don’t need to listen to your children read aloud but it would be very beneficial if you talked to them about what they have read.

Year 5 – What We Are Learning About

The novel we have been studying is Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. We have written diary entries in the role of the main character Ben. We tried to imagine how Ben felt visiting his granny every Friday night, while his parents were out on their ‘date night’. We have also produced some fantastic poems trying to replicate the blurb of the book. Have a look at one of the poems below!

Meet Ben’s Granny.
She’s very much your textbook granny.
She has short, white, curly hair.
Her bungalow has cabbage scented air.
She has rotten, chipped false teeth.
And…she wants to be an international jewel thief.

In Literacy and Language this term we are looking at the myth of Prometheus and Pandora. Our final task will be to write a new ending for the story from Pandora’s point of view. In Numeracy we are covering all areas using images and concrete materials to help us understand difficult concepts. Henry VIII and the Tudors is our topic and we are learning about the Solar System in our Science lessons.

Spring Term

In the spring term in Literacy and Language, we are focussing on many genres of writing. We start by studying poetry, where we will eventually write our own poems that bring the classroom to life. We then move onto a hilarious text by Jeremy Strong (who is our author of the term) called ‘This Is NOT a Fairy Tale’. The year 5 children will then produce a new funny episode of the story in the style of Jeremy Strong. The children will also be writing some non-fiction texts. They will start with persuasive writing and then they will finally move onto biographies and autobiographies.

In Numeracy, we are mainly focussing on fractions. Children will gain an understanding of mixed numbers and improper fractions, how to convert between the two, how to add and subtract fractions, fractions of a set and finally fraction word problems. Once this unit is finished, children will then be learning about angles.

The topic for this term is ‘What makes the USA so great?’. The topic is primarily a geography topic, which focuses on the vast differences that can be found across the country because of its size. The children will also be focussing on this topic in art, where they compare landscapes and cityscapes and they research Native American art.

In P.E. the children are mainly participating in gymnastics and football. The children will have the gymnastics equipment out and they will produce routines and sequences they can perform to the rest of the class. The after school golf club is also running, which they children seem to enjoy thoroughly.