School Parliament

Welcome to our School Parliament

Our parliament has a very important role in school – to make sure everyone has a voice. The children vote for one member of their class every year who they think will be a good representative. Once the votes are counted, those with the most votes are elected. These children then meet regularly and discuss issues suggested by their peers. They are then responsible for taking action in school while also maintaining communication with everyone.

It’s a tough job but our parliament do it brilliantly!

Who We Are

Our school parliament is made up as follows:

  • Prime Minister (Year 6)
  • Deputy Prime Minister (Year 6)
  • Secretary (Year 6)
  • Class representatives – MPs (Year 2-5)

Our Year 1 and Reception children take part in the voting and election process.

As well as this, every class holds their own parliament meetings. The outcomes of these meetings are then brought to school parliament for discussion and action to be taken.


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