Tuesday After School Club

What’s happening on a Tuesday after school?

Past Clubs

Below are some of the past clubs we have ran on a Tuesday night.

EYFS iPad Club

This club was for the EYFS pupils. The children got a chance to have some extended time on the Ipads, expanding their learning while having fun. They were also being taught how to use some new apps that they would start using when they move up into the next year.


Mathletics is on Tuesday evenings starting from 15:15 for one hour.  Year 4 will attend and Mr Jones will be there to help.

Cookery Club

This club was for Year 5 pupils. The Children learned some useful cooking skills as well as basics in food preparation and hygiene. At the end of the course the children prepared a 3 course meal for their parents at the Ropery Restaurant. Tickets for the restaurant were highly sought after because of the quality of the food and service.

Athletic’s Club

The Athletic’s Club met every Thursday after school and spent their time doing lots of different activities. Not only did they take part in athletics activities for the track and field, they also worked on improving their fitness. This included their strength, speed and stamina. At the end of November, they competed in an indoor competition against lots of other schools in our area.

Forensic Science Club

During the term this was run, the children were meeting every Tuesday to learn some of the skills needed to be a forensic scientist. The children started by looking at observation skills and how important it is to look carefully at potential evidence. The children then looked at identifying fingerprints and taking fingerprints of suspects. They also looked at trace evidence such as hair and fibres and how to examine shoe prints. To finish the club they examined a fake crime scene and gathering evidence using the new skills they had learned.

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