Wednesday After School Club

What’s happening on a Wednesday after school ?

Past Clubs

Below are some of the past clubs we have ran on a Wednesday night.

Y1 Ipad Club

This club was for the Y1 pupils. The children were learning how to use apps on the Ipads that they don’t normally use in class. They were also being taught by the IT Technician and Digital Leaders how to use some new apps that they would start using when they move up into the next year, as well as some extra skills with the ones they currently know.

Story Club

This club was for all children for Reception/Y1 children.

They read a variety of children’s stories, then talked about the story and completed fun activities. They finished by having a tasty, healthy snack.

Film Club

This club was for all children from Year 1 to Year 6. (Reception children were invited in their last half term).

They watched a variety of exciting and funny films whilst having drinks and eating snacks – just like the cinema – except for prices!


Mathletics is on Wednesday evenings starting from 15:15 for one hour.  Year 3 will attend and Mr Jones will be there to help.

Art Club

This club was for Key Stage 2 children. We supplied wonderful resources for children to work on projects or techniques that they may not get a chance to do in class.

To view the Art work that our Key Stage 1 children produced, please view the links below:

  • Key Stage 1 Art Club
  • Key Stage 2 Artwork

Hockey Club

This club was also for Key Stage 2 children. With coaching from Miss Finnigan, children got the chance to play this exciting team game for the first time ever at Ropery Walk.

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